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AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies, 85-1255, Disposables Non-taxable

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Unlock Culinary Creativity with AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies, 85-1255, Disposables Non-taxable. Introducing the AQUA CHECK 5 WATER TEST STRIPS, the ultimate tool for maintaining water quality in your commercial restaurant. These dip-and-read strips provide quick and accurate results for five essential water conditions in just one minute. With the ability to test free chlorine (0-10 PPM), total chlorine (0-10 PPM), total hardness (0-425 PPM or 0-25 Grains per Gallon), total alkalinity (0-240 PPM as CaCO3), and pH (6.4-8.8), you can ensure that your water meets the highest standards. Each bottle contains 50 strips, allowing for multiple tests and long-lasting use. Whether you're a chef, restaurant owner, or foodservice professional, these water test strips are a must-have for maintaining optimal water quality, preventing equipment damage, and delivering the best-tasting food and beverages to your customers. Trust AllPoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies for all your restaurant needs.