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Jackson WWS, DynaStar HH-E, Dishwasher, Door Type

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Our triple wash arm system is engineered to focus more water on the dishes for superior cleaning performance. Our adjustable rinse system keeps you in control - choose Econo or Turbo based on the soil level of each load. The 27” vertical chamber clearance accommodates larger ware so don’t forget the pots and pans! The DynaStar HH-E is dual certified as a dishwasher and a potwasher. Easy-to-read digital controls, handles on three sides, and a door-activated drain closure make operation of the DynaStar HH-E a breeze. Ease of serviceability is important to Jackson, so the DynaStar HH-E was designed to make service access easy. All service parts can be accessed while the unit is in place, so there is no need to pull it from the wall or disconnect tables.


  • ENERGY STAR Certified Tall Chamber High Temperature Sanitizing Machine with Electric Tank Heat and Built-in Booster Heater
  • Dual certified as both a dishwasher and a potwasher at all cycle settings
  • Built-in booster heater with exclusive SaniSure final rinse system ensures proper rinse temperature
  • Adjustable rinse system - Econo or Turbo
  • Pumped rinse for consistent rinse pressure
  • Three (3) selectable timed cycles for warewashing flexibility and performance
  • Door-actuated start
  • Solid-state controls feature a digital LED display and onboard service diagnostics
  • Delime cycle
  • 27 vertical chamber clearance
  • Triple wash arm system for consistent and reliable washing performance
  • Specially designed stainless steel nozzles provide superior cleaning action
  • Interchangeable scrap baskets