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Jackson WWS, DynaStar HH-E VER, Dishwasher, Door Type, Ventless

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Our triple wash arm system is engineered to focus more water on the dishes for superior cleaning performance. Our adjustable rinse system keeps you in control - choose Econo or Turbo based on the soil level of each load. The 27” vertical chamber clearance accommodates larger ware so don’t forget the pots and pans! The DynaStar HH-E is dual certified as a dishwasher and a potwasher. Ventless means virtually no steam is released into dishroom. Easy-to-read digital controls, handles on three sides, and a door-activated drain closure make operation of the DynaStar HH-E VER a breeze. Ease of serviceability is important to Jackson, so the DynaStar HH-E was designed to make service access easy.


  • ENERGY STAR Certified Tall Chamber High Temperature Sanitizing Machine with Electric Tank Heat
  • Built-in Booster Heater
  • and Ventless & Energy Recovery
  • tall chamber high temperature sanitizing ventless door-type dishwasher with two-pass energy recovery system
  • rated to NSF/ANSI Standard 3 by ETL Sanitation. Unit will be ENERGY STAR certified and will be dual certified as both a dishwasher and a potwasher on all cycle settings. Unit to be rated for 40 racks per hour
  • 0.72 gallons per rack
  • and will include a built-in 40-70 F rise booster heater with Sani-Sure final rinse system
  • three (3) selectable timed cycles
  • solid-state controls with digital LED temperature/operator display and service diagnostics. Unit will have an adjustable rinse system
  • Econo Rinse uses 0.72 gallons per rack Turbo Rinse uses 0.89 gallons per rack. Other features include automatic tank fill
  • delime cycle
  • triple wash arm system
  • pumped final rinse
  • vent fan control
  • and 2 HP stainless steel wash pump motor. Height of dishmachine including heat exchanger shall be 71 1/2. Constructed of durable stainless steel with adjustable bullet feet.