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BK Resources, SHF-241, Shelving, Solid

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Unleash culinary creativity with the BK Resources, SHF-241, Solid Shelving. This high-quality shelving unit from BK Resources is designed to meet the demands of a commercial restaurant setting. With its durable construction and solid design, it provides a reliable storage solution for your kitchen. The SHF-241 comes with 4 clips, allowing you to easily attach it to the BKUBGC-241 unit or use it as a replacement shelf. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any restaurant kitchen, providing ample space to store ingredients, cookware, and other essentials. The solid shelving design ensures stability and prevents items from falling through, keeping your kitchen organized and efficient. Whether you need to store heavy pots and pans or delicate ingredients, the BK Resources, SHF-241, Solid Shelving is the perfect choice for your commercial restaurant needs.

  • Optional / Replacement Shelf for BKUBGC-241
  • with 4 clips