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AccuTemp, ALLEC-60, Kettle, Electric, Stationary

por AccuTemp
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Precio actual $25,586.55
Create Culinary Masterpieces with the AccuTemp ALLEC-60 Electric Stationary Kettle. This top-of-the-line kettle is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant kitchen. With a generous 60-gallon capacity and a 2/3 jacket, it provides ample space and even heat distribution for cooking large batches of soups, stews, and sauces. The 304 stainless steel liner ensures durability and easy cleaning, while the one-piece actuator-assisted cover allows for quick and convenient access to the contents. The field replaceable heating elements make maintenance a breeze, and the self-contained, insulated design ensures energy efficiency. The deep-drawn stainless steel construction and leg-mounted design provide stability and longevity. With a 30 PSI rating, this kettle can handle high-pressure cooking, making it perfect for busy commercial kitchens. Trust AccuTemp, a reputable vendor in the industry, to deliver a reliable and efficient kettle that will help you create culinary masterpieces every time.

  • AccuTemp Edge Series Stationary Kettle
  • Electric
  • 60 gallon capacity
  • 2/3 jacket
  • 304 stainless steel liner
  • 1 piece actuator-assisted cover
  • field replaceable heating elements
  • self-contained
  • insulated
  • deep-drawn stainless steel construction
  • 2 compression draw-off valve
  • leg mounted
  • 30 PSI
  • UL
  • NSF